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Lennox is giving you a chance to be anEnergy Savings Superstar for a chance to win up to $10,000 in Lennox equipment! Enter today by submitting an energy-savings tip and photo on the Lennox website, Inc. announces new web site launch to support Lennox products.

After months of planning and work we have finally got our new web site launched. While the overall content has remained the same, we have applied a new skin and all of the latest security updates. We look forward to proving many new products and additional features in the future.

Here is the major updates:

Parts Store:

New skin and new security updates as well as a easier to use administration area, particularly for phone orders. You are no longer required to have an account to complete the checkout process.

Community Forum:

The forum is functionally the same, but we did theme it to match the store.

Filter Reminder Service:

Function remains the same. but a new theme was applied Also new security updates.


Our blog has been updated with the newest database security and the blog software was updated to the newest software. We also have a new theme. The theme on the blog will continue to receive updates.

Customer Support Ticketing System:

The customer support system has not changed. We do plan for an updated system in the near future.

CozyParts announces Baso BGN891-2C series control to be stocked instead of BGN891-1C

We have made a decision to stock the Baso BGN891-2C instead of the BGN891-1C. The main difference between these two controls is that the BGN891-2C is the version that Lennox sells to their dealers. Even though Lennox dealers can buy this control directly from Lennox, it has not formally been announced by Lennox as an official OEM replacement part even though Lennox has recognized the BGN891-2C as a suitable ignition control for the Lennox Pulse Furnace family. Lennox offers the BGN891-2C to their dealers as an aftermarket replacement for the now discontinued Lennox 60J00 ignition control.

The availability of this aftermarket Pulse ignition control does not affect the Pulse Key Component Replacement Procedure currently offered by Lennox. This procedure offers the homeowner a new Lennox replacement furnace with a new warranty at a greatly reduced price if the furnace installation date is less than fifteen years. If you choose to not take advantage of the Key Component Replacement Program or if your furnace is more then 15 years old, this BGN891-2C can now be used to replace the ignition control on all Lennox Pulse furnaces.

Click Here to Visit the Baso BGN891-2c Product Detail Page

Lennox Announces 10 Year Evaporator Coil Warranties

Lennox Industries has announced an exciting change to their registered system warranties on coils effective January 1, 2012.
All Lennox Branded Evaporator Coils will now receive a total of 10 years of Limited Extended Warranty coverage when the following conditions are met:

1. Limited extended warranty is available on the coil when installed with a Merit or Elite outdoor unit and registered within 60 days.
2. Equipment must be properly registered and all published requirements for extended limited warranty apply.
3. Coils included in the policy update are: CH23, CH33, C33, CR33, and CX34.
4. Only R410A system installations qualify, because dry charge units cannot be installed as a system.
5. Only AHRI rated equipment with AHRI reference numbers qualify.

Baso BGN891-1C For Lennox Pulse Furnaces Expected to Arrive Soon at CozyParts

We have been getting a lot of phone calls wanting to know when we were going to get the new Baso Control for Lennox Pulse Furnaces. We expect a shipment the week of January 9th. We are keeping our fingers crossed because we know a lot of HVAC servicers have people customers that are waiting on this part ot arrive. The BGN891-1C is a new product from Baso and is in production now. The BGN891-1C is set up in our online parts catalog and you can view the product detail page by following this link.

We will update when we know more.

Baso Announces Replacement Ignition Control For Lennox Pulse Furnaces

Baso Model BGN891-1C Ignition Control for Lennox Pulse Furnaces
Baso Model BGN891-1C Ignition Control for Lennox Pulse Furnaces
Baso Gas Products LLC has answered the prayers of many Lennox Pulse furnace owners by coming out with a ignition control for use on Lennox’s popular Pulse furnaces. The new Baso Model BGN891-1C is intended to replace the Lennox OEM Ignition control that was discontinued by Lennox in October, 2011. The new control is intended for use on Lennox Pulse model families G14, GSR14, G21, GSR21, G21V and CSR21V., Inc. is a Lennox OEM parts distributor serving customers in North America with Genuine OEM Lennox parts.

Lennox HS21/HP21 Compressor Warranty Announcement

Recently, Lennox has learned that the compressors for the HS21/HP21 units – introduced in 1994 and sold until June 2003 – are no longer commercially available, yet the newest of these units still have a year or more of compressor warranty remaining.

To respond to HS21/HP21 compressor warranty claims when compressors are not available, Lennox will now offer customers a new Aire-Flo 13ACD/13HPD (or future Lennox equivalent) R-22 outdoor unit at no cost to the homeowner (excluding labor, shipping and additional materials). An optional upgrade opportunity is also available.

Lennox Announces Production End of Pulse Furnace Key Component Parts

In October, 2011 Lennox announced that several key components used in the Lennox Pulse product would no longer be available. This will affect the GSR14, G14, GSR21, G21, GSR21V and G21V product lines.

We have sold all of our available inventory of the 60J00 (60J0001) ignition control, 43G62 (43G6201) spark plug, and the 64K60 (64L6001) flame sensor used in these product lines.

If you have a GSR21, GSR21V, G21, or G21V series furnace in residential service that is less than 15 years old , and one of these key components fails, Lennox does have a program that will help you get a new furnace. Contact your local dealer if you feel that you feel that you qualify under this program.

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