, Inc. announces new web site launch to support Lennox products.

After months of planning and work we have finally got our new web site launched. While the overall content has remained the same, we have applied a new skin and all of the latest security updates. We look forward to proving many new products and additional features in the future.

Here is the major updates:

Parts Store:

New skin and new security updates as well as a easier to use administration area, particularly for phone orders. You are no longer required to have an account to complete the checkout process.

Community Forum:

The forum is functionally the same, but we did theme it to match the store.

Filter Reminder Service:

Function remains the same. but a new theme was applied Also new security updates.


Our blog has been updated with the newest database security and the blog software was updated to the newest software. We also have a new theme. The theme on the blog will continue to receive updates.

Customer Support Ticketing System:

The customer support system has not changed. We do plan for an updated system in the near future.

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