CozyParts announces Baso BGN891-2C series control to be stocked instead of BGN891-1C

We have made a decision to stock the Baso BGN891-2C instead of the BGN891-1C. The main difference between these two controls is that the BGN891-2C is the version that Lennox sells to their dealers. Even though Lennox dealers can buy this control directly from Lennox, it has not formally been announced by Lennox as an official OEM replacement part even though Lennox has recognized the BGN891-2C as a suitable ignition control for the Lennox Pulse Furnace family. Lennox offers the BGN891-2C to their dealers as an aftermarket replacement for the now discontinued Lennox 60J00 ignition control.

The availability of this aftermarket Pulse ignition control does not affect the Pulse Key Component Replacement Procedure currently offered by Lennox. This procedure offers the homeowner a new Lennox replacement furnace with a new warranty at a greatly reduced price if the furnace installation date is less than fifteen years. If you choose to not take advantage of the Key Component Replacement Program or if your furnace is more then 15 years old, this BGN891-2C can now be used to replace the ignition control on all Lennox Pulse furnaces.

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