Lennox Announces Production End of Pulse Furnace Key Component Parts

In October, 2011 Lennox announced that several key components used in the Lennox Pulse product would no longer be available. This will affect the GSR14, G14, GSR21, G21, GSR21V and G21V product lines.

We have sold all of our available inventory of the 60J00 (60J0001) ignition control, 43G62 (43G6201) spark plug, and the 64K60 (64L6001) flame sensor used in these product lines.

If you have a GSR21, GSR21V, G21, or G21V series furnace in residential service that is less than 15 years old , and one of these key components fails, Lennox does have a program that will help you get a new furnace. Contact your local dealer if you feel that you feel that you qualify under this program.

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