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Fans Blades

When choosing a replacement fan blade, it is best to use the OEM specified replacement. There is more to fans than just their diameter and the number of blades. There is also other factors, like blade pitch and blade surface area. Using an incorrect fan on a condenser or heat pump can actually affect the efficiency of the unit and can even cause other performance problems. If you need help choosing a replacement fan blade for your Lennox, let one of our parts specialists help you . Click here to contact our parts department.

Fortunately, most fans can be removed without too much work. Here's a little trick. First, NEVER beat on the shaft with a hammer. Clean the shaft with sand cloth before you ever start. Remove the set screw(s). Add a little light oil (or rust buster) to the shaft. Let the oil run down into the hub if possible. Then, you usually can grab the shaft with a 8 or 10" adjustable wrench.. adjusting the wrench so that it closes on the flat of the motor shaft. Only do this on the motor side of the fan.... between the motor and the fan blade. Once you have the adjustable wrench tightened down on the flat of the shaft, grab the fan with one hand while you hold the shaft with the adjustable wrench. At this point, you want to hold the shaft while you twist the fan back and forth. If you ever get the fan broke loose, you can usually work the fan off of the shaft with a continual back and forth action while you are pulling the fan off of the shaft.

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27 Lennox items found
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