Lennox OEM Ignition Control Update Kit, 30W3301

Our Catalog Number: 30W33
The 30W33 is a very popular update kit for the Lennox product. Includes new Honeywell ignition control, flame sensor, flame sensor lead, hardware and installation guide. Replaces these numbers: 30W33, 30W3301, LB-9071B, 18G91, 18G9101. 97H04, 97H0401, 63K24, 63K2401, 48K99, LB-90087A, 69J36, 69J3601, 65K93, 65K9301, 41K87, 41K8701, 74H26, 74H2601, LB-90701C, LB-90701B, LB-90701A, 80N9201, 80N92, 34G66, 34G6601, 28L49, 28L4901, 93K21. 93K2101, LB-92869B, LB-92869A. Complete kit with Honeywell ignition module, flame sensor, hardware, and installation guide. This kit is used to replace both Johnson G776RDG-1, G776RDG-2, G776RDG-10, G776RGD-11, G776RGD-14 and Robertshaw SP735L, SP745, controls when used on the Lennox G17, G20 and G23 series.

This control is used to replace many Johnson and Robertshaw controls on Lennox products. The Honeywell control has proven to be one of the most reliable controls ever offered for use on these furnaces. This is not an aftermarket kit. This kit is assembled by Lennox and provides you with all of the hardware and wiring that you will need to make the converson.

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