19W9401 Lennox genuine OEM replacement Integrated Ignition Control Update Kit

Our Catalog Number: 19W94
The 19W94 is a very popular update kit. It is used to replace many circuit boards on the 80MGF and G24M series. Replaces these obsolete part numbers: 65K07, 65K0701, 19W94, 19W9401 33J62, 33J6201, LB-84495A, 20J80, 20J8001, LB-84495B. Includes detailed installation instructions, mounting plate, screws and new schematics that are not shown in additional photos.

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Kit Contents:

1 − Replacement ignition control 100980−01 with adapter
1 − Ignition cable
1 − Wiring harness − 80MGF(X) −1/3
(the "P166" 15 pin female plug has female pins)
1 − Wiring harness − 80MGF(X)/G24M(X)−2/4/6
(the "P166"15 pin female plug has male pins)
2 − Wire nuts − 80MGF(X) −1/3
4 − #8−18x1/2 self-drill self-tap screws
2 − Wiring schematic stickers
1 − Diagnostic sticker
4 − Unused hole stickers
1 − Unit conversion sticker
7 − Wires − 80MGF(X) −1/3

If your original circuit board is a RAM 20J80 (20J8001) this is the update kit you need. The original 20J8001 is no longer available. This kit is used to replace the 20J8001 and update your furnace to a newer, more modern control. This kit is also used to replace some HeatCraft controls used on this model. Make sure to match your old part number before you order. If you are not sure, contact our parts department for assistance here.

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